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How to pass your diploma

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Actually, it’s not as difficult as it seems. All, of course, depends on the specific specialty, which study, from the University, but the overall approach is common to all.

I recently graduated with a diploma, so I hope that some things I did not consider, you will have already taken into account.

Divide conditionally all of our work into three stages: preparation, writing of the diploma and diploma.

Consider the first stage.

You first need to decide with the supervisor. Believe me, it depends on if not all, very much. Find out which teachers you have for the Department in General can become the scientific leaders of the diploma, find out what they specializes. It so happens that you really like the teacher, however, he will not be able to help you in the topic that you would like to study the details and write her diploma.

If you are not familiar with some professors, meet they like interested students. In my group, it so happened that in September-October, when I had to decide whether to write a diploma, we did not know one of the future neutron. Those who took the initiative in getting acquainted with a new teacher, those have subsequently developed a pretty trusting relationship with him that matters. And those who did not work, and those relationships were very formal and strained, which, in my opinion, does not benefit the students.

Most often, your thesis (a practical part) need to be tied to some company. Make sure in advance about the place of practice in which you will be able to provide the necessary materials for writing the diploma (for example, Boo.reporting).

The hardest part of the preparatory part � the topic of the diploma. First, try to decide on a theme, as early as possible, and not as I � 2.5 months until graduation 🙂 I hope that your goal is to write high � quality diploma and to defend themselves for a high score, and this takes time. Moreover, a very long time. Keep in mind that you will have to finish the semester, to prepare for the state exam and writing a diploma (probably more work). Therefore, effective time management direct needed. Secondly, as much as possible contact with the teacher. If it is difficult to pick their own topic, you only know the direction in which I would like to work, the teacher will help advise that it is better to choose depending on various factors including your personal characteristics, your preferences, places of practice.

When you have decided on the topic, remains the final touch of this stage is to search for relevant literature. In fact, it is the cornerstone. Try not to use all there Wikipedia, unverified portals (only in the most extreme cases, when the information you need does not). Personally I created a folder, which threw off all the books, articles, magazines, manuals that I have found: management, marketing, marketing communications, organizational culture, Economics and some other subjects (the topic of my diploma was related to marketing communications). In the literature I got about 80 springs with the required minimum of 45 (or 40, can’t remember exactly). Of course, I read information from all sources not from cover to cover, and only those chapters (sub-chapters, pieces of text) that I needed. But, in the end, in the bibliography I had no one invented source: every I, somehow, but it worked.

He coped with these steps, we come to the main part of the thesis.

My diploma I started to write somewhere in April 15, and the defense was on June 15. So, theoretically, I had 2 months. In fact, much less. Like all students, I was very put off, laziness I won 🙂

Okay, let’s talk about the essence. First and foremost, meet the standards. Pay attention to how to put the headings, paragraphs, tables, figures, diagrams, formulas, links, references, and appendices. This is probably the most basic. Write immediately right and then have a hard time to fix it. I now had to completely change the appearance of your drawings and set the same everywhere quotes. I’m honestly exhausted.

Well, about Times New Roman, 14 font and 1.5 spacing, I hope, all know. 🙂

If you have University diplomas are not checked on plagiarism, you quickly deal with the theoretical part. But that diploma was high quality, I do not advise strongly to get involved in mindless copying of the theory. I tried to rework the text and make the squeeze on the theory. If your diploma is validated in the system Antiplagiat, you will have to analyze the materials and write something yourself, based on what they read. Although, there are ways to bypass this system.

The practical part of everyone. So to give some recommendations quite difficult.

The introduction and conclusion are written after the theoretical and the practical part is written.

More contact and consult with the supervisor, he will help you very much, will check all the will know what to do, what direction to delve into the subject.

Completed work on writing a diploma? It is just to protect. In my opinion, this is the easy part if you worked in good faith. Of course, protection is a huge stress, but if you have everything ready, and nervous you will be much less.

The main thing at this stage of the overcurrent. It is here that teachers most often determined by the assessments. Here you are likely to check details. I was lucky, I came out with overcurrent without a single comment, so the rest of the week before I spent on the preparation of protective speech, presentation, handout and final firmware of the diploma. It all took me 3 days (again, given that I am terribly lazy).

Protective word is a diploma in brief.

The talk begins of course with the stamp. For example: �Good afternoon dear Chairman and members of the state attestation Commission. To your attention I represent… and blah blah blah�. You can reach the necessary goals, objectives, subject and object of study. No one is particularly interested, but in speech is a necessary element.

In the protective word is rarely about the theoretical part (but still happens), mainly focus on the practical. Here you are collected from the practical part all the conclusions and results and safely stick them in your monologue.

Tell me how you intend to use the results of the thesis in the future and you can already complete the story again with a stamp like that �it is finished, thank You for your attention, ready(a) to answer Your questions.�

The presentation and given materials may vary to complement each other or duplicate. The way you want.

The diploma of you already few listens carefully: all you want to done it quickly. Complex issues you are unlikely to ask. Although there are, of course, decapua and urednici teachers. But, your thesis Director will try to save you, if you do not cope with the issue.

Don’t forget that the overcurrent and the protection you need is suitable to dress in official business style: no obscure t-shirts, shorts and things like that.

Be sure to find out from the elders, of the supervisor, how does your Department protect. Because only they can tell you some specific details of protection.

Try not to worry on the protection and overcurrent, nothing wrong going on there. Ten minutes of shame and you are already a graduate/bachelor/master/other (underline) 🙂 If you still can’t overcome their nerves, the shakes, pre-drink some sedatives. Although the day of delivery I do not advise to do it.

I was bored and I decided to count the documents in word’s, how long did the writing of the diploma. So, drum roll. My diploma has been spent, at least, 14538 242,3 minutes or hours, or 10 days without a break.

The process of writing and protection of diploma time consuming, takes a lot of time, energy and nerves, but still not as scary and complicated. If you use it wisely, handle it.

I defended perfectly, and what you want 🙂